Author Guidelines

Terms of Writing

Baitul Hikmah: Jurnal Ilmiah Keislaman

Pascasarjana IAI Diniyyah Pekanbaru


  1. Manuscripts are in the form of research results or thoughts/concepts and have never been published.
  2. Manuscripts are written in Indonesian/English, Font-size: Constantia 12, A4 paper size, bottom margin 2.5 cm, top 2 cm, left 2.5 cm, and right 2 cm. One and a half spacing. If there is writing in Arabic, the font used is Sakkal Majalla 14 point.
  3. The manuscript is written sequentially consisting of: Title, Author Name (without title), Author Affiliation (Institution and e-mail), Abstract, Keywords, Contents, and Bibliography.
  4. The title should be concise and specific not exceeding 15 words in Bahasa Indonesia, and 10 words in English.
  5. Abstracts are written in two languages: English and Bahasa Indonesia consisting of 150-250 words. It contains the background of the problem, objectives, methods, and research results/conclusions.
  6. Keywords consist of 2 - 5 words or phrases that reflect the content of the manuscript.
  7. Research results, consisting of: Title, Author Name, Author Affiliation (institution and e-mail), Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Research Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusions and Suggestions, Bibliography.
  8. Thought/Conceptual results: Title, Author Name, Author Affiliation (institution and e-mail), Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Contents, Conclusions and Suggestions, Bibliography.
  9. The content of the manuscript is between 10-15 pages, references are written with a footnote system that contains the author's name, year of publication, and page.
  10. Chicago Manual Of Style 17th Edition (Note) format. Creating a bibliography using the application, MENDELEY, ZOTERO, ENDNOTE or the like.
  11. Acceptance of manuscripts in the form of softcopies can be sent via the Register/Login Menu in the Online Journal System.