Journal Title : Al-Mashrafiyah

Frequency : 2 issues per year

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Subject : Perbankan of Syariah

Language : English (Preferred), Indonesia

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ISSN : 2614-7815 (Printed); 2745-4207 (Online)

Al-Mashrafiyah Islamic Banking STAI Diniyah is managed directly by the Islamic Banking Study Program which is published twice a year in June and December. Al-Mashrafiyah contains articles, content of thoughts, research results, thoughts and empirical studies in the field of Islamic Banking and Islamic Finance and offers opportunities for interaction, discussion, ideas and ideas from Islamic Bankers from the fields of finance, investment, economics, Islamic finance industry and Islamic Banking and Islamic Finance organizations. The editor of Al-Mashrafiyah invites experts, writers and researchers to contribute to the development of Islamic Banking and Islamic Finance from the perspective of Muamalah Fiqh studies and other related scientific studies.